Department of Pediatrics №2

The Department of Pediatrics №2 was formed in June 2009 on the basis of one of the leading departments of pediatrics, which was headed during 33 years by Smiyan Ivan Semenovych - prominent scientist, Corresponding-Member of the Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences, Academician of the Academy of Higher School, Professor.

The II, III, IV, V, VI year inernational students get practical and theoretical knowledge in Pediatrics.

 List of lecture courses, seminars, practical classes at Department of Pediatrics №2:
Medical Faculty 
II course - "Care of Patient"
III course - "Propedeutic Pediatrics", "Nursing Practice"
IV course - "Pediatrics"
V course - "Pediatrics and Children's Infectious Diseases", "Medical Genetics"
VI course - "Pediatrics and Children's Infectious Diseases"
Dentestry Faculty
IV course - "Pediatrics"
International Nursing School 
ІІ course (RN-BSN) -   "Community and Public Health Nursing",  
II  course (ADN)  - "Nursing Care of Children",
III course (BSN 4 year) - "Child health nursing"


Ternopil Regional Communal Children's Hospital

Sakharova str. 2, Теrnopil 

Tel. (0352) 269061

e-mail – pediat2@tdmu.edu.ua