Department of Pediatrics №2

The Department of Pediatrics №2 was formed in June 2009 on the basis of one of the leading departments of pediatrics, which was headed during 33 years by Ivan Semenovych Smiyan - prominent scientist, Corresponding-Member of the Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences, Academician of the Academy of Higher School, Professor.

The II, III, IV, V, VI year inernational students get practical and theoretical knowledge in Pediatrics.

List of lecture courses, seminars, practical classes at Department of Pediatrics №2:

Medical Faculty

II course - "Care of Patient"

III course - "Propedeutic Pediatrics", "Nursing Practice"

IV course - "Pediatrics"

V course - "Pediatrics and Children's Infectious Diseases", "Medical Genetics"

VI course - "Pediatrics and Children's Infectious Diseases"

Dentistry Faculty

IV course - "Pediatrics"

International Nursing School

II course (ADN) - "",

III course (BSN 4 year) - "Child health nursing"


Ternopil Regional Communal Children's Hospital

Sakharova str. 2, Теrnopil

Tel. (0352) 269061

e-mail –

Ternopil Regional Communal Children's Hospital (2009)

Teaching is provided in English and Russian according to the typical syllabuses of the Health Care of Ukraine.

All kinds of practical training are provided in different units of the hospital by the appropriate methodical materials, curriculum, list of practical skills, examples to run dairies, etc.

During practical classes (2009-2018)

Staff of the Department of Pediatrics #2 (2016)

Each lecturer is responsible for educational process, creating teaching materials, test databases for daily knowledge evaluation and test exam. The activity of students during the study of pediatrics is maintained by the competition organization, by the speech preparations for students' academic congresses and conferences.

Scientific interests of Department’s Lecturers include different areas of pediatric activity:

chief of the Department, prof. Pavlyshyn Halyna A. - Neonatology,

assoc. prof. Furdela Victoria B. - Pediatric Endocrinology,

assoc. prof. Kovalchuk Tetiana A. - Pediatric Rheumocardiology,

assoc. prof. Nykytyuk Svitlana O. - Children’s Infectious diseases,

assoc. prof. Gorishna Ivanna L. - Children’s Infectious diseases,

assoc. prof. Haliyash Nataliia B. - Pediatric Immunology,

assoc. prof. Luchyshyn Nataliia Yu. - Pediatric Hematology,

ass. prof. Slyva Viktoria V. - Pediatric Pulmonology,

ass. prof. Sarapuk Iryna M. - Neonatology,

ass. prof. Kozak Kateryna V. - Pediatric Endocrinology.

Clinical Work

The staff of the Department provide expert advice for various health care for children of Ternopil and Tenopil Region. Lecturers treat patients in the different clinical departments of the Regional Children's Hospital: the children's department for infants (prof. Pavlyshyn H.A., Sarapuk I.M.), II pediatric department (assoc. Prof. Furdela V.B., ass. prof. Kozak K.V.), infectious-boxed (assoc. prof. Nykytyuk S.O., assoc. prof. Haliyash N.B.), I pediatric department (assoc. prof. Kovalchuk T.A., ass. prof. Luchyshyn N.Yu.), pulmonological department ( Slyva V.V.), infectious department of Ternopil City Children’s Hospital (assoc. prof. Gorishna I.L.), newborns in the perinatal center "Mother and child" and Maternity Home №2 (Prof. Pavlyshyn H.A.).

Staff of the Department projects to continue working closely with the physicians of clinical health care establishments and to set cooperation with foreign hospitals in the future.

We hold clinical conferences, organize training seminars for advanced studies for regional doctors, introduce new methods of diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis of children's diseases.

We have our internship in the international research conferences and hospitals abroad

prof. Pavlyshyn H.A. (Vienna, 2015)

prof. Pavlyshyn H.A. & Haliyash N.B. (Lion, 2013) Sarapuk I.M.(Wroclaw, 2015) Slyva V.V. (Wroclaw, 2017) Haliyash N.B. & Nykytuyk S.O. (Kyiv, 2016) Furdela V.B. (Milan, 2013)

assoc. prof. Kovalchuk T.A. (Visiting of Santiago De Compostella, 2014) Luchyshyn N.Yu. (Visiting of Zalcburg, 2014)